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Here's the story of Lieve. A story of love & endurance.

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In 2011 I met Nele Vreys. We fell in love and I moved to Belgium to live with her.

Even though we have broken up since then, I still have a lot of admiration for the work she does as a home nurse.

So much so, that I decided to turn her stories into a short film...



To gather more and different experiences I went along with a couple of home nurses. One of them was Henriette Hartenhof.

I was really affected by the warm way she dealt with her patients; using a lot of physical touch and taking a lot of time with every individual.

One the scenes is therefore dedicated to her...



Actually, the biggest inspirations might have been one Henriette's patients.

Because this scene isn't only dedicated to Henriette, but all the dialogue from the patient (Tine Balder) was written down from a secret recording I made on my phone.

Nele Joke Vincent.png

Then I asked Joke ​if she would play the part of Lieve. I was already a fan, and she's incredibly funny and I knew she would be great.

To get to know the character she asked me if she could tag along with one of the nurses one day. Who better than the initial inspiration, right?

Luckily Nele was a fan as well..!

Oh, and guess what...

It's actually Joke singing in the soundtrack. I was struggling to find the right sound and then came the idea to ask her to record with me.

I made a kind of 'YouTube-tutorial' on how we made the music.

You can listen to the soundrack on Spotify:



And then... We got selected at the International Shortfilm Festival in Leuven.

And Joke won an award for best peformance in a short film!

Laurel_IKL19-Jury-Flem-Fiction-Acting WH


a lot more happened...

and a lot more people were involved.

But I'm tired of typing, so why don't you follow me behind the scenes so I can show you!